As you read the numbers, below, just keep in mind that it's not done snowing yet.

We have an entire day and part of a night before we get out of this. Then, once the show stops, the wind picks up and starts blowing that stuff around. So any digging out or snow blowing that might have been done up until then will get wiped out. I'm not trying to bring you down here, just stating the facts.

How much you got in Wyoming has everything to do with where you are. Some parts of the region just got a dusting. So let's take a look at who was in the center of the bullseye.

Earlier this morning I had a chance to speak with Don Day, a regional weatherman from Day Weather. He expects Casper to get just over 30 inches of snow by the time that this is all over. A few towns are completely shut down. But as you can see, this event has not covered the entire state.

Early Tuesday morning road reports from WYDOT show that there are plenty of roads open in the northern part of Wyoming, and some in the south. There is always a question of how long it will take to open Wyoming roads.


Then, how long will it take to open them again after the wind blows all that snow around? This is one of those times when it is best just to stay put for a while. Thanks go out to all those who make a living digging the rest of us out.

GOAT Snowstorm in Casper - April 3-4, 2023.

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