Winter is here and here to stay, at least until 2024. While it hasn't been too brutal in Minnesota just yet, we have had our fair share of cold days and a few rounds of very light flurries. We all know things are bound to get much worse, with many cold, snowy months ahead of us.

Now, a professional weather analyst is weighing in on just how snowy it could get during the 2023-2024 winter season. His name is Ryan Hall and he has a very successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. He breaks down weather patterns all across the country in a way that everyone can understand.

Nick Cooper, TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper, TSM Duluth

In one of his recent videos, he predicted that there will be a 'memorable' snowstorm at some point during the 2023-2024 winter season. Memorable snowstorms are nothing new for Minnesota or Wisconsin but he says this particular system will be one people talk about for years to come. (Think the Halloween blizzard of 1991.)

Ryan Hall refers to this as a 'big daddy snowstorm' and says it will impact a good portion of the country, including us right here in the Northland and beyond.

Will Minnesota Be Hit With This 'Big Daddy Snowstorm'?

Unfortunately, Minnesota and Wisconsin both fall under the wide umbrella of where this massive snowstorm could hit. The good news is, it will be much worse the further east and north you go, so we won't be hit as hard as those parts of the country.

Obviously these things can change and weather patterns can shift due to a long list of factors, including Lake Superior. Plus, a 'big daddy snowstorm' is not something that we haven't dealt with before. We even had a historic storm earlier this year!

I mean, we did have our snowiest Duluth winter on record last year, along with several cold blasts and snowstorms. What is one more snowstorm to go down in the history books?! We might as well embrace it.

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