While it is, or was, regionally known in some circles for decades, social media is just now shedding light on an old-timers trick to predicting the coming winter season.

It has everything to do with the seed of a persimmon.

They look a little like an orange pomegranate, right? The persimmon tree is native to Oklahoma and much of the United States between Oklahoma and Connecticut.

As the story goes, if you cut open a persimmon seed, it'll tell you what to expect of the coming winter in your area.

The embryonic leaf within the seed may be shaped like a fork, a spoon, or even a knife.

Forks generally represent a mild winter where they're found. Spoons are synonymous with snow shovels, indicating you should expect lots of snow, and a knife is rumored to represent the kind of frigidly cold temps that will cut straight down to your bones.

Oklahoma's persimmon seeds are showing spoons this year.

How much snow is Oklahoma expecting?

Truth be told, it's really hard to predict the weather. We know this because our area meteorologists can rarely accurately predict what the afternoon will be like, let alone forecast the weather months from now... but some of the most accurate weather pros on the web have made bold predictions so far.

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