The forecast calls to expect real snow for most of Washington State east of the mountains hitting next week!


Washington State: Snow Forecast to Hit Low Elevations Next Week

I hope you are prepared for at least one snowy day next week because most of Washington State will be getting a new layer of white stuff. How much snow is expected really depends on where you live, but most of the State will get at least some snow. The storm begins late Tuesday evening with warmer temperatures and rain but switches sometime in the overnight to snow. As the overnight progresses, the temperatures will drop into the lower 30s making snow and slick roads likely. Wednesday is forecast to bring the first chance of snow to the lowlands of Washington State with a 50% chance of rain or snow possible. The coast will get mostly spared but most other parts of the state will likely see snow Wednesday. No matter which area you live in Washington, the forecast for each major area expecting snow is listed below.

Washington State Snow Forecasts 10\25\23

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