This week's tornado outbreak across the Midwest spurned over 100 confirmed tornadoes and numerous funnel clouds. One supercell in that storm system in Illinois looked like a massive UFO mothership at times and there's time-lapse video to prove it.

This supercell was captured by storm chasers near Industry, Illinois on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. This storm would eventually drop tornadoes along its path.

Less than 15 minutes later, tornado warnings would originate from this supercell as you can hear the city sirens wail.

The National Weather Service documented several Illinois twisters that were confirmed on the ground April 4 and April 5. Here's the storm track of the tornado from this supercell that went through Industry, Illinois. It was rated as a strong EF-1 with wind speeds topping 105 mph.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

It was this supercell and the tornado it produced that would hit a storm chaser rolling his vehicle and also causing a grain bin to smash into him. Miraculously, he survived.

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