This is one of the most terrifying storm chaser videos I've ever seen. A storm chaser who was tailing a monster EF-3 tornado near Lewistown, Illinois took a risk and almost paid the ultimate price. He was rolled by the twister and hit by a grain bin, yet he survived.

This harrowing video share comes from the aptly named YouTube channel High Risk Chris. Even Chris knows he is lucky to be alive. Here are his words that came with his video share:

On April 4, 2023 I was tracking an EF3 tornado near Lewistown Illinois. Unfortunately I made some seriously stupid decisions and was impacted by the tornado. My Toyota Prius was totaled, but I escaped with no injuries. I am lucky to be alive.

If you are a chaser or have ever thought about it, pay special attention to how this went so wrong. At the beginning, you'll see how he's positioned from the tornado. As it draws closer, the vortex isn't moving to the left or right. It's getting larger and coming right for him. By the time he realized it, it was way too late.

As Chris pointed out at the end of his video, he was trying to get out of the way, but he did not allow himself any room for error and he was fleeing in the same direction the tornado was heading. How he took a direct hit from a grain bin and rolled yet survived is miraculous.

This is a story that could and probably should have had a tragic ending. Chris is fortunate to be around to tell his story and I'm grateful he's willing to share his mistakes to hopefully save someone else's life who dares to chase these dangerous storms.

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