A weather system that is dumping heavy wet snow on some states in the western part of the U.S. will arrive in Illinois by this weekend, according to the Weather Channel.

Winter Weather Advisory Has Been Issued in Autumn

It's not even halfway through the month of October and there's already been several Winter Weather Advisories being issued by the National Weather Service across the U.S.

A storm that's currently bringing higher-elevation snow and heavy rain to some western states will slowly make its way into the Rockford region this Friday, but will there be any flurries when it gets to our part of the US?

What's Rockford and Chicagoland Weekend Weather?

According to the current forecast from the National Weather Service, showers and thunderstorms are expected beginning Thursday (10/12) with an "elevated flooding risk" and chance for thunderstorms.

Heavy downpours may cause localized flooding of roads, low-lying areas, and creeks. The strongest thunderstorms in the late evening and overnight may produce hail, some locally up to quarter size. -N.W.S.

The weekend will be wet with a 100 percent chance of rain on Friday (10/13) and a 90 percent chance on Saturday (10/14).


Temperatures through northern Illinois will be chilly through the weekend with highs in the lower 50s expected through early next week, according to the current National Weather Service forecast.

What's Earliest Rockford Region Could Get First Snow?

According to the National Weather Service, "Northern Illinois and the Rockford area got its earliest first snow of the season back in 1928, when the flakes started to fall on September 25th."

75 Years Ago, Monster Tornado Destroys 80% of Small Illinois Town

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