It's not easy working in law enforcement and that's not breaking news. There's still more evidence of that as a sheriff's deputy in Illinois shared truly terrifying dashcam video after his patrol car was caught up in a huge tornado near Macomb.

The Fulton County, Illinois Sheriff's Department shared this new video on Facebook which shows the officer's vehicle after it had been rolled onto its side by the strong EF-3 twister during the outbreak on April 4, 2023.

The National Weather Service shared the track of this EF-3 tornado that did mammoth damage during its time on the ground.


This tornado caused damage to multiple homes and farm buildings and even rolled a storm chaser who was also impacted by a grain bin that was hit by the twister. The National Weather Service estimates the wind of this tornado around 160 mph with a width of 600 yards. It was on the ground for more than 20 miles before it dissipated. There were 4 injuries reported from this tornado alone although there were others reported in Illinois that same day.

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