Earlier this week we brought you the story of the Woodbridge public worker who was hit by lightning while lining the soccer field at Iselin Middle School.

39-year-old Eric Baumgartner is lucky to be alive after a bolt of lightning struck him just after noon this past Wednesday. Thankfully his co-worker was on the field and immediately called 9-1-1.

Officer Robert "RJ" McPartland from the Woodbridge Police Department happened to be nearby and was able to respond immediately. Turns out RJ was a firefighter and EMT before joining the police force and was ready and able to resuscitate the victim.

When Officer McPartland found Eric Baumgartner he had burns on his hands and no pulse. Thanks to the quick reaction, training, and composure of the police officer, a tragedy was avoided.

Fox 5 New York
Fox 5 New York

Officer McPartland exemplifies the professionalism and dedication to duty that is represented daily by the Woodbridge PD and cops across New Jersey.

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