I would say this is shocking, but that would be pun overload. Overload is a good word though to describe a video that shows what happened when lightning struck a farm's electric fence not that long ago.

I'm not certain of the exact location, but I believe this may have been a farm in Aiken, South Carolina. You'll see a massive bolt of lightning slam an electric fence row and what happened as a result.

I found information on the Agrisellex website which describes what happens when the mother of all electrical charges hits an already charged target like this farm fence. They say  "it seeks out a path that will deliver it into the ground while expending the least amount of energy". In the case of what happened in this video, you have what is estimated to be around 300 million volts in an average lightning bolt frying a current already pulsating through the fence.

As Wikipedia mentions, an electric fence is designed to reduce it's charge after something touches it with the intention of discouraging an animal from testing the perimeter without harming it. When something as radical as lightning contacts the fence, you can bet the smoke visible from the strike means someone is gonna be repairing or replacing the resistors/energizers in that fence row.

Since this video's first share on YouTube, the funny comments keep coming similar to this one:

Cows: "ok girls, time to make the break"

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