A security camera in Missouri captured a shocking moment - literally. A lightning strike that hit vehicles in a parking lot also blew manhole covers sky high.

According to Yahoo News, this security cam video was captured in Greene County, Missouri by the highway department there. It happened as storms moved through that area on Monday night, April 3. Here's how the moment was described on the YouTube share:

The bolt struck the roof of the semi and cracked its front and rear windshield and did some moderate damage to the interior. Crews are still examining the truck’s electrical and mechanical systems. After the lightning struck the ground, it blew off several manhole covers and damaged more equipment.

The massive bolt was captured from several different angles by multiple security cameras.

Much of Missouri could see a repeat of the Friday, March 31, 2023 severe storms on Tuesday, April 4 as NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has much of the state in an enhanced risk for potentially tornadic storms.

NOAA Storm Prediction Center
NOAA Storm Prediction Center

If you find lightning interesting, you should make Lightning Maps a site you check regularly as it will show you lightning strikes as they're happening across the United States in real time.

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