I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say how great the warm weather feels. And while it might start to green the grass and kick the songbirds into high gear, it has other consequences a bit farther north. Significant melting of the snowpack near the headwaters of the Mississippi River is happening as we speak. And that means an increased threat of flooding this spring.

CBS2 reports that the National Weather Service in Duluth, MN reports that "a near-record amount of water stored in the snowpack will be released." And that already has flood advisories being issued.

As of early this week, Cass Lake, MN saw a snowpack of 18 inches, with the water content of that snow at 6.7 inches, according to CBS2. The National Weather Service in La Crosse, WI commented that the flooding along the Mississippi River this spring could rival that of 2001. That year saw the second-highest crest ever in Northeast Iowa, trailing only the crest of 1965.

As the Mississippi continues to rise, the NWS forecasts crests could happen in late April and early May. CBS2 reports that officials have stated that if you have any interests along the river, begin preparing now. They also add that there is a small chance that some areas could see flooding worse than in 2001. Forecasters expect to know more later this week once the snowpack has melted.

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