There is no such thing as a good tornado, but the twisters that hit during the nighttime hours are the most dangerous. A small community in Missouri was struck overnight by a confirmed tornado and there's video showing massive damage done by the storm.

The National Weather Service reported a confirmed tornado on the ground near the community of Marble Hills, Missouri. The twister struck residents there overnight. ABC News now reporting that at least 4 were killed.

NWS/Google Maps
NWS/Google Maps

Fox Weather shared video this morning captured by Brandon Clement of Live Storms Media showing the massive damage caused by this twister.

KVFS 12 is reporting that injuries were confirmed caused by this tornado. It is unknown how many as of this writing as authorities are still searching for survivors. Fox 2 Atlanta says that there have been confirmed fatalities and that radar indicated this was likely a high-end EF-2 or possibly even an EF-3 twister and that the storm hit the area around 3:45 am.

The Missouri Highway Patrol shared a sobering picture on Facebook of the damage path of this awful tornado.

Dan Bush of Missouri Skies captured the thunderstorm as it developed early in the evening to the overnight hours in this time-lapse video.

The Weather Channel dropped a short of drone video showing damage near Glenallen, Missouri.

This story will be updated once the National Weather Service sends out a team to estimate damage and provide a rating for the strength of this storm. It's the 2nd time in the past week that strong tornadic systems have created havoc in the Midwest.

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