A Covington, Louisiana driver is thankful to be alive after Sunday's storms caused a tree to fall, snap a powerline, then slam down right onto his vehicle while driving. And, it was all captured on his dash cam.

Tree Slams Into Car Caught on Dash Cam

This past Sunday strong storms pushed through Louisiana.

Some saw flash flooding and in other areas, minor damage was reported.

Walker man Andy Daray happened to be driving through Covington in the middle of the storms and is grateful to be alive after a tree fell, snapped a powerline, and then violently slammed into his 4runner.

Daray said on Facebook his 4runner had just hit the 5,000-mile mark.

"Well my 4Runner hit 5k miles and then this today and I have decided instead of getting an oil change.

I’m just gonna get a new vehicle."

Andy Daray, Facebook
Andy Daray, Facebook

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