Louisiana summers are generally pretty brutal. The days are long. The temps hit triple digits pretty much every day. It's awful. But, generally speaking, the extreme heat doesn't kick in until Summer officially kicks off on June 21st. This year, however, it doesn't seem like we'll be able to beat the heat as summer is hitting Shreveport-Bossier early.

It's About to Be Brutally Hot in Shreveport, LA

I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from a friend saying that 100+ degree days will be here next way. My first thought was "THERE'S NO WAY!". That post had to be some kind of mistake. Sadly for all of us, it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a typo. There wasn't some kind of miscommunication of fact. The temps are about to suck. Big time.

According to The Weather Channel, starting this week, will be into the 90s every day. But wait, it gets worse. By next Wednesday or Thursday, we'll be into the 100s. Here's the latest projections for next week:

Infographic, The Weather Channel
Infographic, The Weather Channel

What Can We Do to Beat the Heat?

When it hits 100+ on the thermometer, it can get pretty dangerous. Cases of heatstroke goes through the roof. It become extremely dangerous for people and pets in confined spaces. Sunburn can bet brutal. Not a lot of good happens when it gets this hot.

Here's some tips from the CDC on how to stay safe and healthy during these kinds of conditions:

  • Limit your outdoor activity, especially midday when the sun is hottest.
  • Pace your activity. Start activities slowly and pick up the pace gradually.
  • Drink more water than usual and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink more. Muscle cramping may be an early sign of heat-related illness.
  • Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

Sadly, It's Only Going to Get Worse

We can complain about the heat we're experiencing in Shreveport this early in the year, but the bad part is it's only going to get worse. According to the Farmer's Almanac, this summer is going to be absolutely BRUTAL. Sweltering heat, extreme humidity...you know, all the things that make Louisiana summers unbearable. So, you might want to start saving money for your electric bill because your A/C unit is going to be running non-stop for the next few months.

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