This is an insurance adjustor's nightmare. A homeowner in Illinois shared video of huge hail the size of tennis balls falling and cratering their yard leaving big damage in its wake.

This video share comes from Bernadotte, Illinois captured on April 4, 2023 as tornadic thunderstorms moved through their area. Here's how they described what you'll see:

On 4/4/2023 after a tornado touched down in Table Grove, Illinois. The storm passed over our house in Bernadotte Illinois. The storm produced hail that measured 12” in Circumference and 4” in Diameter. The hail caused damage to two of our vehicles, the roof of our house, the roof of our garage, our front porch, and some siding on the house.

You'll see hail that knocked a tear in a metal roof plus big damage on their vehicles and roof.

The National Weather Service description of that April 4 storm shows that this Illinois person was fortunate. There was hail the size of baseballs reported in Iowa.

The Table Grove, Illinois tornado they referenced was a confirmed EF-1 according to the National Weather Service. It flattened several garages and damaged homes in Table Grove with wind speeds over 110 mph. There was a 2nd rope tornado reported by a chaser in that area, but it did not do any damage.

Hail is one of the unheralded danger in thunderstorms and can be fatal to people and livestock. It's dangerous to aircraft also.

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