You will almost never be able to see this with the naked eye because they come and go so quickly. A new video share shows rare red sprites that were exploding in the sky above a violent thunderstorm in Texas and parts of Arkansas.

Big thanks to Paul M Smith for allowing me to share his work. If you don't already follow Paul M Smith on YouTube, you should. He is a photographer that specializes in capturing rare moments in storms. He was recently capturing video from thunderstorms that were blowing up over Texas and Arkansas and shared red sprites and also explained what they are and how they happen.

What is a red sprite?

As Wikipedia mentions, red sprites are large-scale electric discharges into the atmosphere. They occur in clusters above the troposphere in the area around 30 miles above the Earth. Paul does a good job of explaining this phenomenon in terms even non-meteorologist people can understand.

If red sprites and/or thunderstorms interest you, Paul M Smith has a website dedicated to night sky storm-chasing called Sprite Chaser. You can also follow him on his official Facebook page as he often shares compelling sky nature content.

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