Any plans that involve being in these cities toward, or after, 2050 should be reconsidered.

If you're planning to move to any of these Texas cities, find love and raise a family, you might want to reconsider that too.

An interactive map created by Climate Central shows that several cities in Texas and across the United States will be under water by 2050.

Many cities across Texas are at risk of heavy flooding and many others will be completely submerged in about 25 years. Relatively speaking, that's not too long.

According to KTSM:

In Texas, projections show cities on the state’s southern coastline have the highest risk of being underwater by 2050. Cities like Galveston and Bayou Vista appear at risk of heavy flooding during annual high-water events according to the map projections.

Just southwest of Galveston, cities like Sargent and Freeport also see their coastline underwater, according to the projections.

KTSM also reports that Oyster Creek and the Town of Quintana will go completely under during heavy flooding periods.

In the Climate Central projections, the entire wildlife area below Port Arthur floods completely, as does everything between Beaumont and Rose City.

Say goodbye to every island near Corpus Christi too.

You can see the isolated projections for Texas here.

On top of the potential loss of life as flooding increases, human and animal, the cost of all this is going to be epic.

Just cleaning up after really bad storms and hurricanes gets into some big numbers. This will be way worse.

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