Triple-digit heat has arrived on the Western Slope right on schedule. Either the July monsoons will help cool us off or they'll skirt the area without providing much relief. We're extra thankful for the heavy snows this past winter that have the lakes and rivers at healthy levels so far this season.

What has been the hottest day on record all-time in Colorado? What about Grand Junction? Keep going to take a look at some impressive numbers that mother nature has posted in the Centennial State as we look at six state weather records that are almost hard to believe.

Record Breaking Weather in Colorado

The six Colorado records featured in the gallery below include the hottest temperature (daytime high), coldest temperature (overnight low), longest precipitation event, longest snowfall event, largest-sized hail, and extreme snow depth. The possibility these records will be broken is as unlikely as them ever happening the first time. The best bet is to always be weather aware.

Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Grand Junction

The three hottest days on record in Grand Junction, Colorado include June 28th, 1990 when the high temp reached 105 degrees. It reached 107 degrees on July 9th, 2021. On June 30th, 1979 the temperature in Grand Junction reached its all-time high at 109.9 degrees.

Check out all six of Colorado's state weather records below.

Six Crazy Colorado State Weather Records that Still Stand Today

Colorado is no stranger to extreme weather. What is the warmest temperature you have felt in Colorado? What about the coldest low? From triple-digit temps to sustained snowfall, here are six of Colorado's most impressive weather records waiting to be broken.

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