Hail as big as baseballs, softballs, and even grapefruit fell in Flower Mound, Texas.

Let's do a nursery rhyme, OK?

Grapefruit Hailstorm in Texas Town

In a Texas town, where the sun shines bright, A curious event occurred one stormy night. Hailstones, oh my, as large as grapefruits they fell, Bombing the community with an unexpected spell.

The children were playing, full of joy and cheer, When dark clouds gathered, and the sky grew drear. Rain poured heavily, thunder rumbled loud, Little did they know, a surprise from the cloud. Hailstones as big as grapefruits came crashing down, Causing quite a ruckus all over the town. They bounced and they tumbled, with a mighty thud, Leaving the folks amazed, covered in a cold, icy flood.

The rooftops rattled, windows shattered in fear, As these grapefruit hailstones made their appearance clear. Families sought shelter, under sturdy roofs they hid, Praying for safety, as the storm fiercely slid.

But fear not, dear children, the storm soon did wane, Leaving behind a tale, like no other, to explain. The sun reappeared, casting its warm golden ray, While folks emerged, in awe of what they'd just braved.

Now, when you hear this tale, don't be afraid, For storms may come, with surprises to cascade. Remember the Texas town, and the hailstorm so bizarre, Where grapefruit-sized hailstones fell from afar.

So, be prepared, little ones, stay safe and sound, When nature unleashes its wonders all around. For though hailstones may be large, like grapefruits in the air, Together we'll face them, with strength and love to share.

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