The words "moving" and "Idaho" have been in the same sentence more than most over the last few years. Sprinkle in "Californian" and we might have a Bingo! What's the big deal? Well, just about everyone under the sun has an opinion on the great migration to Idaho. Especially Idahoans.

With the massive amount of growth coming to Idaho, it's a lot of "get out" and "we're full" verbiage--but is anyone talking about the folks that are leaving Idaho? Allegedly...?
According to a recent survey, folks are fleeing Idaho...for these 5 cities?

Five Cities Idaho Residents Are Fleeing To Due to Climate Change

While 'Climate Change' will always be a highly debated topic in American politics--a recent survey says Idahoans are moving to these five cities because of it. Check them out, below:

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